A Day On My Plate In Bali!

Hello from Ubud! If your following me on Instagram or Facebook you would have been seeing all the healthy deliciousness I have been consuming. From raw desserts to vegan feasts to superfood salads and everything in-between.

It really is not hard to be healthy in Bali when you have large array of health cafes dotted in the main tourist areas….. and on that note I will be putting together a blog post for you with my top healthy eat spots in Bali for your next Bali adventure 🙂

Now back to the topic of this post. Every time I talk to someone back home the question I get is ‘tell me about the food?’. Everyone knows as a health blogger I am a massive foodie and realise my days are based around my next meal so here I have for you a day on my plate in Bali. I thought it might inspire you to bring a bit of Bali health into your daily life and if I’m honest inspire me to do the same when I get home.

Now obviously everyday varies and there were 3 days I was on a juice cleanse however this is a typical day on my plate in Bali.

A day on my plate in Bali:


A day on my plate in bali

Well all my accommodations while I have stayed in Bali have provided breakfast so usually I would have at least breakfast 1 at the accomadation.

Always started with a plate of fruit. Pawpaw is my favourite. Number one I just love the taste but also it contains amazing immune boosting, tummy soothing and hair and skin nourishing properties. I also usually had a bit of banana, watermelon and sometimes honeydew melon.

I am a big believer of getting in your protein in the morning for sustained energy and to prevent blood sugar instability. So next I usually had an omelette with tomato, mushroom, ham and capsicum or a variation depending what was available on the day. And lets not forget I always started the day with LOTS of water- particularly important in Bali!


a day on my plate in bali

My morning snack was usually a second breakfast after yoga if I’m honesty. The cafes here just do the best healthy breakfast options & I am always hungry after yoga! So sometimes it would be a gluten free granola bowl or raw porridge or grain free pancakes or avo on toast or a smoothie bowl. If I wasn’t up for another breakfast then an organic juice always goes down a treat and every few mornings I would have a cashew milk coffee.


I usually end up having lunch a bit later as my morning sustenance has been keeping me pretty satisfied for a while. However when I do get around to lunch its quite often a whole food salad with lots of greens or raw zucchini pasta and a veggie juice. This I find is perfect! Often a little bliss ball or if some raw delicious treat jumps out at me I will enjoy that.

A day on my plate in Bali


As a result of my late lunch Im usually ok till dinner however if I wasn’t able to fit in whatever treat jumped out at me from lunch I would have it take away and enjoy it with a cup of herbal tea later on.

I also have a pack of raw cashews and a few health food bars in my room incase needing a little something.

A day on my plate in Bali


Dinner varied but usually a lentil soup or fish and veggie plate or another salad, sometimes with chicken. I try to mix it up and listen to my body as to what it needs. There has been a few evening where the rest of my day contained so much food that my tummy just was not hungry. It could eat another meal but would have been overly full and uncomfortable afterwards. These evening I just order a nice veggie juice and sometimes an entree veg soup or basic salad.


Listening to what our bodies need is always the most important factor when eating. You don’t have to eat at a certain time everyday just because this is considered ‘lunch time’ etc.. When your body is hungry, feed it. When it is thirstily, hydrate it. When it is full, allow it to digest in peace.

So there you have it a day on my plate in bali!



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