6 Week Health Reboot- 6 Wk update & summary!

Health Challenge

The 6 week mark has arrived!

I initially started my health reboot after noticing that some where along the line I had lost sight of a lot of my health goals and routines and despite a lot of time and effort being put into healing certain systems my body was struggling and I was encountering health issue after health issue. I needed a whole body health reboot and to get back on track and start feeling energised and strong again.

My goals were to restrengthen my immune system, rebalance my detoxification & digestive system, minimise unnecessary stress, improve my overall muscular endurance & flexibility, while supporting my adrenals and kidneys. You can find out more regarding my health reboot in my first post.

The program I created for myself was divided into nutritional nourishment, wellness practices and a movement program based on functional exercises to provide me with effective results in a short period of time with a less is more approach. This allowed my body to rest and flourish over the 6 weeks.

So here is my update on the last 2 weeks:

The last 2 weeks displayed the most significant progress. I have managed to continue to strengthen my immune system this week to a point of halving the CFS/ME symptoms that had flared up. The brain fog has cleared significantly and short-term memory has noticeably improved. Joint pain and stiffness is still present but improving. My digestive system has presented the greatest improvement with my body happily absorbing nutrients properly, no stomach pain and almost on top of an infection. Immune system, my greatest challenge has a long way to go but steadily improving which I am more than happy about.

The last 2 weeks I included a few extra steps in the nutrition side of the program to really give my body a reboot while it was progressing strongly. First of all in the 5th week I did a 4 day mini cleanse. This was tailoring my individual goals and included lots of easily digested foods in a meal plan that was based around detoxifying, then replenishing with high nutrient based whole foods. Hardest part for me was saying goodbye to meats and animal products for 4 days as naturally my body craves and thrives off organic animal products. Secondly I changed around the structure of most my meals to experiment with how this approach would affect my general health and energy requirements. Results- sleep better, last longer between meals, rebooted my metabolism + more..

Wellness practices were of great focus over the last 2 weeks. Lots of journaling, daily mindfulness and reflection. I also have taken on a new outlook towards my work that has relieved a lot of stress and I am hoping will allow me to gain greater value from my life and daily happiness.

The last 2 weeks with my health improvements I have been able to pick up my movement to a level I would like to endeavour to maintain.

Week 5 I was able to include;

– 2x cardio based sessions – 1x interval training session & 1x 30 minute run

– 4x 10-20 minute resistance sessions – 2x high intensity & 2x low intensity

– 1x  yoga session

Week 6 I have included;

– 3x cardio based sessions 1x interval training session, 1x 30 minute run & a social jog with friends

– 4x 10-20 minute resistance sessions- 1x high intensity & 3x low intensity

– 1x yoga session

I also aimed to include my daily stretching and foam rolling and always made sure I had at least have 2 days a week for ‘working in’ (only leisurely walk &/ or meditative movements). Mixing cardio & resistance sessions together is an effective method for results and time limitations.

So 6 week summary:

Well 6 weeks off alcohol, caffeine, soy, processed foods and adding lots more of other certain foods and changes in my fitness routine + a refreshed outlook on prioritising my wellbeing = definitely a rebooted me.

My goal was not to heal every health issue or become a marathon runner in 6 weeks. It was to address my health as a whole all at once and create a fresh slate to continue on my journey of healing and reaching a high level of health and physical abilities.

I end this 6 weeks excited for the next 2 weeks, the next 3 months and the next year ahead. I am excited because the changes to my health in this 6 weeks alone have significantly impacted my value of life to be able to do the things I love and feel well while doing so. I can wake up at 5.30am feeling fresh and motivated for the day, not like I have a permanent head cold. I can radiate energy around my clients, friends and family naturally, not in a strained and exhausted state. I can eat as much as I want without worrying about weight and feel only love for every flaw my body holds. I can run (my absolute love) without feeling like death for days after and notice improvements in my performance with limited training needed. I feel physically stronger and feel a great sense of accomplishment towards my journey and health goals.

I still have and will have ‘bad’ days & sometimes weeks but these are critical signs your body is sending you that something is up or a few adjustments need to be made. Think of these days as gifts of support and utilise them, rather than ignoring them-your body will just continue to send you more and more.

I hope through my health reboot I have inspired you to harness your health as a whole from a holistic approach and listen, nourish, respect and care for it each and everyday. I hope I have allowed you to recognise the importance of having individualised goals and programs and that health is about healing from the inside out.  I hope my documented fortnightly update pictures and movement details have shown you that there is no need to spend hours in the gym but rather utilise functional movement that complements your health needs- this along with a less is more approach can have you noticing the greatest results. I hope these progress pictures have also demonstrated that scales are not an effective tracking method for results. I weigh 2 kg more than when I initially started this program however I look leaner, more toned, healthier and feel fantastic.

If you would like to find out more about my methods of training or have me help you along your health journey feel free to shoot me a message through my Holistic Personal Training Website.

 Sending lots of health your way,



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