10 Yoga Poses To Start Each Day!

Incorporate these 10 Yoga Poses into the start of each day for a balanced body and mind. As part of mastering a holistic lifestyle we need to master morning movement. Our body requires movement everyday for everything from creating and maintaining smooth energy channel in the body to a healthy physical body composition. These particular poses will assist with calming the mind and strengthening focus, receiving tightness and tension in the body, assist the bodies metabolic system (fasten the metabolism) and increasing range of motion and physical functionality.

Think of these yoga poses as your foundations for the day, rather than your workout!

By completing these 10 yoga poses each day you will start to notice changes on many areas towards your health and wellbeing in just one week.

Give it a go and let us know what benefits you notice.

We suggest practicing our poses first thing in the morning to create a focused and calm mind before taking on the day. Followed by a warm glass of lemon water and a refreshing shower.

Thanks Get Healthy U for the inspiration and graphic!


10 Yoga Poses To Start Each Day:

Hold each pose for at least 30 seconds before moving onto the next.  Focus on breathing deep into the body with each pose, creating space and length. With each exhale focus on softening the body and creating a deeper connection of grounding.

The flow should take you around 5 minutes!

And of course be mindful of any injury or health condition you have and adapt as needed.

Yoga Poses

1) Standing Side Bend

The perfect morning pose to awaken the body!

2) Downward Dog

Get those hips high and look at the day from a different perspective.

3) Upward Dog/ Cobra

Start with cobra and progress to up dog when your ready!

4) Crescent Lunge

You can always start with low lunge (kneeling lunge) and progress up.

5) Cat

Visualise pulling that belly button up to your spine.

6) Cow

Giving a little hip shake here is always nice for that spine.

7) Pigeon

Start upright on your finger tips and if you have the space, then fold over and down.

8) Happy Baby

Focus on a flat long spine. If your spine curls, just take your hands under the hamstrings, rather than to the feet.

9) Yogi Squat

For those with tight hips….. just breathe. It does get easier! And you can always support yourself with a block underneath.

10) Windshield Wipers

Let everything go both physically and mentally and release.


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