10 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Child & Turn Your Workouts into Adventures!

Claudia - Bare Vitality

Have your workouts lost their sense of adventure and excitement or have they diminished all together with your motivation & negative thoughts and feeling towards exercise?

Here are some ways to embrace your inner child’s need to move freely with excitement and creativity, and turn your workouts into an adventure bringing wellness to your body, mind and inner soul.

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1) Create an obstacle course with whatever you can see around you. Think stairs, benches, hills, walls, tree branches, the lines in concrete slabs, light posts, puddle    jumping..

2) Set out on a jog or walk without a plan and let your inspiration take you in whatever direction it pleases. Just make sure you don’t get too lost.

3) Go on a hunt for the biggest hills you can find and tackle them like mountains!

4) Workout mindfully in the outdoors. As children we formed amazement over the beauty of simplicity. Take in your surroundings with an eye of curiosity and gratitude.

5) Workout with your besties! Who better to create and share adventures with, while challenging and encouraging each other.

6) Make your workout a game. Challenge yourself trying to beat your previous score (times/ reps/sets).

7) Leave your workout up to chance. Put together a lucky dip of different workouts and only pick one just before you’re about to head out the door with your runners on.

8) Try a class that reminds you of your childhood or something that is completely out of your comfort zone. A close friend and I are about to revisit a childhood memory and start beginner’s ballet- super excited!

9) Plan to take day trips and explore new places, combining different types of activities.

Maybe try;

– Kayaking, bushwalking and then a swim

– Rock climbing and trail running

– Beach interval training and wave jumping

– Cycling and a surf

10) Add music! Put on your favourite high energy tunes and dance like crazy, while including squats jumps, star jumps, push ups, sit ups, mountain climbers and kick ass those burpees!


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