10 Lux Aussie Activewear Labels

Loved for its comfort and convenience both in and out of the gym, activewear has been increasingly sought after and subsequently welcomed in the fashion world in recent years. This apparel is so popular you feel like you’ve solved a real-life Where’s Wally puzzle when you spot someone in regular clothes. Realistically we are too busy in our lives to plan outfits or repeatedly change clothes every time we step out of the door. We want to be able to throw on our gear and fit in that 30-minute morning workout class before we come back home and proceed to get the kids ready for school, meet friends for coffee, or simply run errands throughout the day. We just want something quick and comfortable to throw on. However, we don’t want to compromise the way we look because when we look good, we feel good! So here I’ve put together some Aussie activewear labels to keep you stylish throughout your day, both in and out of the gym!




Aussie Activewear Aussie Activewear

With any fashion apparel, we’re all guilty of buying the latest trendy item or design, only for it to be tossed out the next year and cringed at when seen in our #tbt photos! While trendy is good, it is the timeless looks that naturally prevail. If you agree with this, First Base is for you! Unlike most labels that attempt to foresee the next big trend in active-wear, First Base sticks to the core of enduring fashion, the basics, creating garments that lack the ‘trend-based’ design and flourish in their simplicity and sophistication.




Aussie Activewear

With the aim of inspiring women to be active, Pink Punk creator Tarah Frow designs, prints, cuts, and sews all her unique and bold garments from her studio located on the Gold Coast. The aesthetics of the garments ensure your individuality on the street or in the gym, and the functionality is impeccable. All garments are non-sheer, and all leggings and shorts possess a double-layered compression fabric waistband for a flattering figure-hugging look. If I still haven’t convinced you with their ethically made, comfortable and flattering garments, check out their sports bras! Arguably the most stylishly functional piece of fitness attire, their double-layered fabric sports bras contain a large secure pocket on the back to hold your phone, keys and some cash!




Aussie Activewear

Worn by A-list celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Victorias Secret angel, Candice Swanepoel, Aussie activewear label The Upside’s chief aim is to create functional sportswear garments that enable you to look effortlessly stylish both in and out of the gym. I’d encourage you to purchase any of The Upsides’ garments via their website, as the brand donates a percentage of every order placed online to the Cambodian Children’s Trust.





Aussie Activewear


The individuality of this Aussie activewear label is revealed in their mission statement, ‘made by women, for women’ with the specific aim of catering for women of all shapes and sizes. As women, if we don’t feel confident in our clothing, it’s very rare that we will get anything done, let alone feel comfortable to workout in public. Low confidence and self-esteem take a huge toll on our productivity and determination, with anything in life. Luckily, Running Bare has our backs! Running bare focuses on ensuring each of their high-quality items has a flattering fit on any shape of the body, to allow women to be able to move freely without being conscious of any unflattering positions.





Aussie Activewear


Tully Lou is essentially active wear in disguise of streetwear fashion! Their pieces are tasteful and truly unique, to have you looking elegant when you transition from sweating it at the studio to rushing off to drop your kids off at school or catch up with a friend! The garments are highly durable and if you’re expecting sweat patches after a workout, you’re in for a shock! With the moisture-wicking fabric, you can feel clean and fresh as you step out of the studio to go about your daily life.




Aussie Activewear

Nimble activewear sees fabric as the most crucial element of sports apparel. Without comfort, there is no fun in being fashionable, especially as you workout. Their high-performance compression fabric is created to enable durable elasticity for that figure hugging shape, no matter how many times you put them through the wash!




Aussie Activewear Aussie Activewear

Arguably started by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the most recent trend in fashion has seen the rise of the ‘less is more’ motto. The idea of plain and matching outfits as being the more tasteful and sophisticated approach to fashion has increasingly risen to popularity. Aussie fitness mogul Tammy Hembrow has incorporated this fashion trend into her fitness label, Saski Collection. The collection offers matching jumpers, tops, leggings, and sports bras, in beautiful neutral colours such as blush, nude, and khaki. As a bonus, the leggings are 100% squat proof, so you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing your underwear as you workout! Be sure to check out her recently launched range of pastel coloured activewear!


8. L’URV


Aussie Activewear

If you’re looking to rebel against following the masses and wearing sportswear that’s currently trending, then l’Urv has got you covered! What’s great about this Aussie activewear brand is that it caters to all women by creating pieces that tailor to the individual’s style. There is a whole range, from stand out prints, geometrical shapes, to more subtle styles. All are guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed by the individuality and uniqueness of your activewear style!





Aussie Activewear

Aussie activewear label P.E Nation is the inspiration of two busy mums’ who felt that activewear is the apparel most compatible with their demanding, hectic lifestyle. Sometimes we just need to get things done, we don’t have time for dwelling on our outfits of the day, we just need to be able to throw something on quick-smart. Hence, P.E nation was quintessentially designed for mums (and non-mums) who want to feel confident and look stylish, but just don’t have the time to plan and constantly change their outfits, the label provides them with comfortable and stylish all day wear that you can sport in and out of the gym. And hey, if it’s good enough for multi-millionaire mums Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, then it sure as hell is good enough for us!






Jaggad is an Aussie activewear label that creates fashionably functional sports apparel, whilst using high-quality fabrics to enable one’s best performance. With specific apparel ranging from cycling to basic gym wear, their garments are tailored for the people who appreciate simplicity and design in sport and in life.

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