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BareVitality VIP Shop

The BareVitality VIP Shop (Very Important Products) is your one stop shop for a range of the best Health, Fitness and Wellness products on the market.

The research for high quality, trust worthy products has already been done for you through our InnerOrigin team. Use the BareVitality VIP Shop as a way to make living a holistic healthy lifestyle simple, affordable and reliable. All products are priced at the retailers assurance of cheapest market price.

I will be continuing to add to the list of my favourite featured products, however you can head to our Market Place for an extended range of products!


Products are selected under strict guidelines and are guaranteed to be;

Cruelty Free

No Added Hormones or Antibiotics

No Artificial Colours or Flavours



No Nitrate or MSG

No Petrolium

No Preservatives or Fragrances

Featured Favourites

Organic Coconut Scrub
Organic Coconut Scrub
Supercharged Bars
Supercharged Bars
Prosper Deodorant
Prosper Deodorant
Organic Coconut Oil
Immune Tea
Geen Gatsby Coffee Pods
Autumn Afternoon Perfume
Potent Magnesium Powder- Muscle Recovery & Stress
Trio Clean and Lean Detox Program
Trio Clean and Lean 21 Day Detox Program
Diffuser/ Air Purifier Set
Mineral Skin Cleansing Zeosoft Pack
Bare Body Beauty Wellness Pack
Natural Beauty Blend Supplement
Raw Organic Cocao Powder

You can discover a wider range of products and experiment to find your own list of favourites in our InnerOrigin Online Holistic Market Place!