Deep Core HIIT Workout – The foundation to toned abs!

I have had a lot of requests for core workouts so I decided to feature a deep core HIIT workout as our first fitness video on my youtube channel.

With 1 round only taking 3 minutes you can make the workout as long or short as you desire.

This video focuses on strengthening the deep core muscles to create a solid platform for everyday health, wellness and as a basis to build abs!! … because really who wouldn’t want a strong, toned, flat stomach.

Deep core strength assists with digestion, posture, running techniques and is the foundation of a balanced body.
Using the HIIT style (high intensity interval training) we are able to get the most out of the muscles with short and fast bursts.

I would love to hear how you went with this deep core HIIT workout. Comment below how many rounds you did!!
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Deep Core HIIT Workout -The foundation to toned abs!


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