3 Minute Workout Series: Lean Legs

The idea behind the 3 Minute Workout series is to allow everyone to have the flexibility to benefit from movement despite time constraints.

We can all find just 3 minutes in our day and those days you have more time repeat 2-5 sets of the exercises for a super intense workout. These 3 minute workouts are created to boost energy levels, increase your heart rate, tone and fill your body will feel good hormones.

Dont believe you will gain benefits from a 3 minute workout? Try it everyday for a week and let me know how you feel.

Including a combination of 3 minute workouts with your #HolisticChicks Workout Program in the Your Holistic Metabolism eBook will create amazing results.

Print out each workout in the series to create your own HolisticChicks 3 Minute Workout Card Collection. The printable link is below.

3 minute workout series

Click to download your free printable: HolisticChicks 3 Minute Workout Series


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